A New Tab Like No Other!

Browsing the internet is an irreplaceable part of our daily lives. From your friend's latest joke on Facebook to watching funny cat videos, we do so much on the internet. Why not make it a blissful, convenient & a productive experience? Well guess what, you are about to get surprised.

What is BrowseBetter New Tab?

BrowseBetter is world's 1st personal productivity super tool. It packs built-in tools & utilities specifically designed to boost productivity & foster momentum at a place where you need it the most. (your chrome browser)

BrowseBetter is an advanced new tab chrome extension that transforms your chrome new tab page & homepage into a powerful personal productivity dashboard.

What it does?


Once installed, BrowseBetter completely revolutionizes the new tab page & the homepage of your chrome browser. The tools that the extension packs can be used to increase productivity up to three times.
BrowseBetter gives you unlimited power to customize your new tab page & homepage according to your own personality & individuality.


// Experience The Bliss Of Better Browsing

Why we started? [problem overview]

The average human attention span has been decreasing over the past years from 12 seconds in year 2000 to less than 8 seconds today.
Internet companies deploy powerful addiction techniques to keep the users hooked to the platform. The Dopamine kicks foster the creation of addictive subconscious habit patterns that in-turn keep the users stuck to the platform.
This helps the platforms increase their average time-spent per user but users are the ones who take the hit.

Impact of the problem:

Getting stuff done is the prime aspect for achieving any form of remarkable success, but building & maintaining unwavering focus & performing deep-work is becoming harder by the day.
So, in this distracted digital age, efficiency is the burning need of the hour. Digital distractions & addictions impact some of the most critical areas of life including mental & physical health, career, relationships & personal growth.

Problem impact: (in numbers)

Employees in U.S on average waste 18 hours per week surfing the internet during work hours that costs around 759 Billion USD to the employers.

Overall, 40 percent of U.S. online users aged 18 to 22 years reported feeling addicted to social media.
Statista, April 2019

A study finds 420 Million people around the world are addicted to the internet.
BusinessInsider, 2014

The science behind productivity hacking:


BrowseBetter leverages proven scientific techniques to break subconscious habit patterns & loops.

Some of them are mentioned below:
  • Replacing bad triggers with good triggers
  • Guiding mindful action
  • Fostering good habit building
  • It packs a vision based life management system tool that helps you create S.M.A.R.T goals for your life
  • Leveraging time management & task management utilities for daily goal planning & maximum time efficiency

Be Productive,
Not Busy

What's in it for you? [Core Features]

  • BrowseBetter comes with an Advanced & Immersive full-screen mode that helps you cut the noise, so that you can peacefully focus only on what's necessary & needed.
  • It packs an amazing Life-Mapping utility that helps the users think, plan & strategize their life goals & life vision. It helps the user get their stuff in order, so that they can focus purely on what's important & what's required.
  • BrowseBetter store contains direct shortcuts to some of the world's best resources like tools, utilities, blogs, websites, portals & platforms. One can add the pre-defined folders or even create their own custom collections.
  • Are you sleep walking through life? 30 minutes of Facebook usage magically turns into 3 hours of time wastage? Worry not, the over-use reminder feature will notify you about the time spent, if the time-spent limit is crossed.
  • Dedicated Focus Mode: Have a lot to do? Cutoff all the distraction using Focus-Mode. Quit the cycle of procrastination & inaction. Turn on the beast mode & get stuff done using focus mode.
  • Not sure how much time you actually spend per day on the internet? Use website time-tracker to track your visits & daily time spent on the websites. Analyze your productivity using data & numbers.
  • BrowseBetter New Tab packs an advanced To-Do list & an amazing Notepad utility. There are instances when we can't recall to do the task that was urgent to us. It's because our brains are designed to process information, not store it. Noting things down is a good way to get things done.
  • Do you use bookmarks a lot? Directly access the bookmarks from your BrowseBetter NewTab. BrowseBetter provides an amazing bookmarks manager utility at a place where you need it the most.
  • BrowseBetter New Tab packs a highly customizable, beautiful & interactive UI to foster positivity. Customize & change chrome wallpapers, colors, themes & backgrounds. Create an ambiance that you love the most. A boring & messy layout can be a demotivator. Great design helps build positivity & calmness.

Here is a glimpse of the beauty:


// Stop browsing the old way. Surf the web like a pro.
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The best part? It's free.

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